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Aluwedo Aluminum Composite Panel is a professional manufacturer focused upon the production and distribution of aluminum composite panels for a wide array of applications. We have developed a huge variety of distinctive aluminum sandwich panels for building facades and advertising applications. Our strategic location in Zhangjiagang city, which is on the south bank of the Yangtze River in China and just 150 kilometers from the very heart of Shanghai, provides logistical advantages in shipping, human resources and technology. All our salespersons have earned advanced degrees. They often communicate with overseas customers in multiple languages, including English, French, German and Spanish.With an abundance of expertise and experience, we love to help customers solve any problem. Additionally, we have built long-lasting cooperative relationships with numerous companies across the globe.

Our products have been nationally approved in terms of all technical requirements. They fully comply with American manufacturing standard. Additionally, we have obtained a great number of certifications, including ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, as well as the European CE certification and American UL certification.

ALUWEDO firmly believes that a happy employee is a productive employee and for that reason we established several areas for staff recreation rooms to entertain our staff. These rooms are designed for activities, such as home theater system, KTV room, indoor golf center, etc.

About Aluwedo

Jiangsu Aluwedo Aluminum Composite Panel Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2007, Aluwedo Aluminum Composite Panel is located in Zhangjiagang city, which is an industrial port city of Yangze River. It enjoys a beautiful environment, a well-developed economy, and a convenient traffic. Aluwedo Aluminum Composite Panel is a professional manufacturer focused upon the production of aluminum composite panels, and providing individualized product solutions. We also possess a professional aluminum composite panel production line, which allow us to produce reliable high-quality products for our customers.

Aluwedo Aluminum Composite Panel has built a long-term cooperation with Israel, Britain, Ireland, Italy, France, Spain, Australia and many other countries in the past nine years. More than 85% of customers have now been working with us for more than seven years.

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Introducing our products to customers

Learning exchange under the guidance of trade director
Analyze and classify our customer base: After a basic understanding of the employees’ working, the trade director will deliver an analysis to customers, and classify them into different types: key account, main customer, and ordinary customer. The classification will be delivered in a software, thus to provide convenience for the employees to have targeted contact with customers. In this way, there is no unnecessary work, and all the employees can save their energy to maintain relationship with their valuable customers, and increase their working efficiency.

Aluwedo pays its attention to employees’ life besides working. For that reason we established several recreation rooms to entertain our staff. These rooms are designed for diverse activities, such as home theater system, KTV room, indoor golf center, etc.

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Quality is always Aluwedo’s top priority. It has an extremely strict quality standard. The quality control procedure is carried out in whole manufacturing process, including the selection of the raw materials, pre-production inspection, and inspection during or after the production. All the quality inspections during the manufacturing will be recorded in detail for product quality tracking and services. All our efforts are delivered to provide customers with Aluwedo aluminum composite panels of the best quality.

We have various products, including A2, A1 fireproof aluminum composite panel, Nano PVDF aluminum composite panel, PVDF aluminum composite panel, FEVE aluminum composite panel and so on. And our composite plate is available in a wide range of patterns, such as high-gloss finish, matt finish, mirror finish, brushed finish, knurled finish, multi-color finish, etc.
All the performance indexes of our aluminum composite panel have passed the certificate of National Testing Center, in accordance with the American production standard. Our products also obtained the ISO9001 quality authentication, ISO14001 environmental certification, CE and UL certification.

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