Our aluminum composite panel must undergo a variety of strength testing, including: scratch testing, MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) testing, water boiling test and so forth. It is also required to undergo impact resistance testing. We test the panel to ensure it will not rapidly deform under the effect of gravity. We also check the surface of the product to make sure the paint will not crack or fall off.

  • Hign-temperature test in oven
  • Solvent resistance test-the sample piece has no paint-shedding in boiling water

There is no paint-shedding in the bending part.

  • Adhesive force test after the bending of the panel

    There is no paint-shedding after scratching the sample piece with blade.

  • Scratch test

The film has no crazing or paint-shedding after deformation under high-speed gravity

  • Impact resistance test
  • Impact test under the effect of gravity
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  • High-temperature test
Production Process
  • Aluminum Roll Coating
  • Lamination
  • Testing